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One of the more popular hairstyles for people with long hair is the spiral perm. A spiral perm is definitely something you would not want to try doing on your own due to weighing down the length of your hair and the potential for applying uneven solution, which can lead to disastrous results. The stylists at our hair salon specialize in perms and are willing to take on the most challenging hairstyles.


If you have extremely straight hair and want to add more character and body without doing a full perm, we can add some layers that will give your hair more depth and bounce. Our professional haircut services can make layers work with short, medium, or long hair length. Layers have been a popular hairstyle choice for years with Hollywood celebrities like Raquel Welch and Jennifer Aniston. When you trust us, we will make your hair look fantastic.


Here at Manely Hair Salon & Spa, we understand that having straight hair can mean having dull, lifeless hair. Our stylists are fully trained on perms, giving you a wide range of options to bring your straight hair to life. No matter what you’re looking for, we will work with you to find the perfect perm for you. Make an appointment with us in North Palm Beach, FL, today! We specialize in haircuts, hair coloring and highlights, perms, and hair stylist services.

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