Hair Coloring & Highlights at Manely Hair Salon & Spa

Hair Coloring & Highlights in North Palm Beach, FL


If you are a little shy about getting a new hair color, our hairstylist can ease you into this change with some subtle hair coloring such as hair highlights or lowlights  to see how you feel about it. If your hair color is faded or you would like to add a little extra shine to it, Manely Hair Salon & Spa can help you out.

Our hair salon has had customers come in who have tried to do their own hair coloring and wonder why the color on their hair doesn’t match the one on the box or why a blonde color looks orange when applied to their hair. Problems can arise from buying cheap hair coloring products. Our salon only uses high quality hair color product lines and also offers color correction services. Our hairstylists know what chemical reactions occur when dyes are mixed with your natural color tones.

We’ve seen it all from dry and damaged hair to poor color treatment. We can restore your hair’s health with deep conditioning and return your original hair color after it has been discolored by harsh dyes or sun bleaching. So come visit us today, at Manely Hair Salon & Spa,  for all your hair color needs. We specialize in Haircuts, Hair Coloring & Highlights, Perms, and Hair Stylist services.


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